Somatic Transformation

Somatic Transformation is a body-centered, relational methodology based in interpersonal neural psychology, ancient wisdom, and the somatic-emotional lived experience. 
Announcing University-Level Opportunities for Somatic Transformation
A special topic course at Antioch University in Seattle, COUN5900: Introduction to Relational Somatic Psychotherapy offers insight into the neurobiological theories of trauma. 
In lecture, dialogue, and experimental group practice, Sharon will teach the recognition of cues indicating hypo and hyper arousal, and how to use interpersonal therapy to investigate and heal the trauma to the nervous system they indicate.

November 5th, 9am – 6pm

Students and Faculty of Antioch may enroll through the school.
If there is space left, you are encouraged to audit the course. Apply a week before it commences using the required form
9kvr_ope-copyThe Center for Child and Family Well-Being at the University of Washington is hosting Sharon’s workshop to help professionals stay healthy as they aid clients with trauma. 

From Self-Compassion to Regulation-in-the-Moment will focus on attachment, resilience against vicarious trauma, and changing neurological patterns of dysregulation. 

March 18th, 9am – 5pm

Registration will open in mid-November at the CCFW website

Practitioner Training 2017 – 2018
Healing Trauma in and through Relationship

Each year, Dr. Sharon Stanley trains helping professionals to bring Somatic Transformation into their work. Enroll this year to…

Ground your practice in Poly-Vagal Theory, Attachment Theory, and Somatic Mindfulness Practices.

Develop the skills and techniques to restore regulation and resolve inner conflicts from trauma.

Participate in a dynamic community of learners using experiential methodology to heal trauma. 

“It is only through relationship that the unresolved suffering can be transformed into love and connection.” 
from Relational & Body-Centered Practices for Healing Trauma