ReSource Together

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Welcome to ReSource Together, a collaborative space for trauma research and healing.

Located in downtown Winslow on Bainbridge Island, the space serves as a training center for Somatic Transformation Associates and Current Dental health care professionals.

ReSource Together is community space for locals and travelers involved in ReSource Together’s goals: education for those who suffer from and treat trauma. 

Trauma-Sensitive Dental Care

Tuesday, April 25th at 7pm

ReSource Together is co-hosting a it’s first community event to introduce a collaboration between Current Dental and Somatic Transformation: their new approach to accessible dental health called Trauma-Sensitive Dental Care.

Dr. Tim Verharen and Dr. Sharon Stanley want to strengthen the immediate relationship between patient and care professional, giving them methods to help patients relax and settle during dental work.

Trauma-Sensitive Dental Care goes beyond the needs of the dental professional to complete work for the patient. The goal of is to address the root of patient’s unresolved discomforts with dental care. 60% of people have moderate dental trauma, which many do not recognize or understand, from childhood accidents, financial stress for medical service, or painful operations on this highly sensitive area of the body.

Unexpressed discomfort with such trauma might lead to neglect in personal care or delay in seeking professional care.

Dr. Verharen’s staff at Current Dental are undergoing additional training in this new method and expanding the scope of their emotional responsibilities, to offer optimal, empathetic care to all patients.

Admission is free, space is limited. For questions and information contact Diana at, (206) 317 6710.

“Traditionally, dental professionals have relied on a pharmacological approach to treating patients with oral or dental trauma. With Dr. Stanley’s approach, we have been able to treat people without drugs that would never have been able to sit in a dental chair.”

—Dr. Verharen