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Advanced Somatic Transformation

Healing the Traumatic Wounds of the BodySoul

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2018 / 2020

This October 2018 to January 2020 will be an exciting and inspirational journey with a small group of Somatic Transformation graduates who have been using the principles of Somatic Transformation in their clinical practice. This course will be a rich learning opportunity building upon current research, Sharon’s ongoing insights, and your Somatic Transformation experiences, which will deepen the work and integration of Somatic Transformation.

The Program

Somatic practitioners often experience a challenge when helping people with issues of disembodiment and dissociation. For healing, it is important for highly wounded people to experience a multilayered sense of safety in order to access their own bodily based sensations and process their distressful inner world.

During this course, we will explore the subtle and innate ways safety can be discovered, disembodiment can shift into embodied presence and patterns of dissociation can be replaced with right relationship. At the root of disembodiment and dissociation is often unresolved grief, loss and alienation from self and others. We are interested in supporting reconnection with self, intimate others and presence in the world. This recovery process is multi-faceted, respecting the wisdom of ancient people living in harmony, grace and humility despite the circumstances of their world.

The theoretical research for this course is based on the developmental neuroscience of Allan Schore, the polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges and researchers such as Ruth Lanius, Beatrice Beebe and others. Culturally based research into the effects of poverty, violence, slavery, oppression, genocide and gender discrimination will be explored for relevant knowledge of today’s’ challenging issues.

Practice models are highly relational, deeply phenomenological and draw on imaginal resources that can become available in the intersubjective field through skillful somatic inquiry and somatic reflection. C. J. Jung, James Hillman, Robert Sardello, Reggie Ray, Joanna Macy and Don Kalsched offer perspectives on the bodysoul experience needed to restore wholeness, strengthen resilience despite adversity and renew a personal sense of purpose in life.

To restore safety and meaning within the bodysoul, we will identify and explore cues of multigenerational transmission of trauma. We will practice the healing skill of imaginal repairs of the past, restoration of intimacy with couples, and the use of creative imagination. We will also explore dreams and altered states.

Dates & Location

We will meet on Fridays and Saturdays during the year at Sharon’s office and teaching space. There is parking at the site, and the location is within walking distance from the ferry from Seattle.

213 Madison Ave. N., Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.

October 26, 27 — 2018
February 1, 2 — 2019
March 1, 2 — 2019
October 4, 5 — 2019
December 6, 7 — 2019
January 10, 11 — 2020

We will meet at 9AM to 5PM. We will provide tea and light snacks during breaks. We will enjoy and ninety-minute lunch break, providing time to enjoy a meal and a walk. There are many restaurants and coffee shops within easy walking distance.

Certificate & Continuing Education Credits

Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance for each two-day Module. A certificate of completion will be presented at the end of the one-year course.

The course is approved for 72 CEUs through Washington State Society of Clinical Social Work.

Registration & Fees

Our online registration form for this course is at the bottom of this page. We will contact you after we receive and review your application. Please wait to pay the registration fee until after you are accepted into the program.

Each two-day module is $650. The one-time registration fee of $325 is applied to the cost of the first module. The remaining $325 is due October 1st, 2018. Each subsequent module payment of $650 is due on the first day of the month before each module. Payments can be made at via PayPal, or by check using the information provided at that page.

Please note that in registering for this course, you are committing to a year of learning and to the total cost of the program, $3,900. In the event that you cannot attend a module because of an emergency, your payment for the module missed will be applied to that module in the next cycle of training.

Lodging & Attendance

If you are staying on Bainbridge Island, you can choose from three hotels and several bed & breakfast options. You can find these options at Furthermore, you may find many listings on or

For those commuting from Seattle, we recommend taking the 7:55AM ferry from Seattle’s Coleman dock, and returning on the 5:30PM Bainbridge sailing. The crossing takes approximately 35 minutes, and we suggest arriving early if you are boarding by car as these are commuter sailing times, and there are no reservations. You can find a full ferry schedule at Again, the teaching space is within walking distance of the Bainbridge terminal, and there is parking on-site.  

During the training, participants are asked to turn off cell phones or any other distractions. Of course, you are welcome to use your personal devices during breaks.


For further information or a request to be added to our waitlist, please email the Course Coordinator, Cheryl Petra at or Sharon at

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