Media & Publications

Media & Publications

My book, outlining the fundamentals of Somatic Transformation.
My book, outlining the fundamentals of Somatic Transformation.

Collaborations & Appearances

Intriguing dialogue regarding the blend of Somatic Transformation with Strain/Counterstrain bodywork with Coach Izzy Sanchez.

Please have a listen to this interview I did with the lovely and empathetic Michael Stone, on his podcast: Conversations. We talk about the approach to teaching Somatic Transformation among many other introductory aspects to my work.

Jayson Gaddis featured me on his long-running podcast Smart Couple. His organization, the Relationship School, is an excellent resource.
We spoke at length on healing trauma as a community, our responsibilities in relationships, and placing constant importance on embodiment in our lives and for others.

Find the podcast at Jayson’s website, at Stitcher, or iTunes.

Or, watch a video of the conversation!
Dr. Guy Macphearson interviewed me on his podcast, The Trauma Therapist. We discuss embodiment, mindfulness/heartfulness, the future of our communities, and the simple successes of healing trauma. I loved sharing with Guy, his enthusiasm is contagious!
You can listen on his website or at Stitcher. Enjoy!

Confer UK has included me in their online course on Neurobiology and Psychotherapy. I discuss the role of Somatics in this field, and offer practical applications. The 12 hour course, of which my segments make up an hour and a half, is full of insight by experts in these fields. 

Preview the course here.